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Tooth pain is one of the most common dental conditions that affect many people. In fact, tooth pain is one of the most popular reasons why people rush to a Fairfax dentist. One unique factor about tooth pain is that it does not occur on its own. Often times, it is a result of a pre-existing dental condition or disease. 

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What Causes Tooth Pain?

Your Fairfax dentists will examine your smile to find the cause of your pain. More often than not, the following can result in tooth pain.

Jaw or mouth injury

facial injuries particularly closer to the mouth or jaw might be a significant cause of tooth pain. The injury to the mouth or jaw results in pain which can radiate to the teeth, causing a toothache. 

Sinus infection

sinus infection is also a common cause of tooth pain and sometimes a headache. The infection of the sinus results in pain which radiates to the jawbone, gums, and teeth

Tooth decay

extensive tooth decay is arguably the commonest cause of tooth pain. A decayed tooth that extends deep into the tooth structure that includes the pulp and root of the tooth results in significant severe pain that in most cases is unresponsive to regular pain medications. The only solution to such tooth pain is an urgent dental checkup, with the management sometimes leading to tooth extraction to get rid of the pain. Dental decay can affect one or several teeth, meaning that this type of tooth pain might be persistent and occurring at different levels. 

Teeth infection or abscess

A tooth infection or abscess usually present with persistent tooth pain. Dental abscesses are usually pockets of pus resulting from a bacterial infection. Dental abscesses require urgent medical attention to treat the condition which will eventually result in alleviating the pain

Gum disease

Any form of gum disease will also affect the structural integrity and functionality of the tooth. Many forms of gum diseases, like gingivitis and periodontitis present with inflammation which is essentially swelling, pain, and reddening of the gum line. The pain mostly radiates to the adjacent tooth, causing a toothache.

Retained or injury from food debris

the instances where food debris or particle is retained in between the teeth, it sometimes causes pain and discomfort. An injury from food debris like fish bones can also result in massive tooth pain.

Tooth injury

An injury to the teeth resulting from a fall or blow is a major cause of tooth pain. This type of injury might cause bleeding, results in loose tooth and also affects other oral structures

How Will My Fairfax Dentists Help?

  • History taking- the doctor will probe about the exact location of the tooth pain, the character of the pain and any other related factors
  • Dental examination and assessment- the doctor will examine the entire oral cavity, taking note of the region of the toothache. The assessment will also include examining the adjacent structures and tissues to the affected tooth. Examining the adjacent structures and tissues is vital in ruling out any other cause of the tooth pain
  • Radiological or laboratory investigation- depending on the presentation, the doctor might recommend dental x-ray and any other investigation to come up with the accurate diagnosis and best management plan
  • Treat the underlying cause- after establishing the underlying cause of the tooth pain, the doctor will manage the condition appropriately to alleviate the pain and discomfort

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