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Best Dentist In Fairfax

Best Dentist In Fairfax | Practicing proper oral hygiene is the most important thing that you can do for the prevention of periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease.

People typically overlook their gums and focus instead on achieving a bright white smile. What they don’t realize is that if they want healthy teeth, they also need healthy gums.

Otherwise, they would require a visit with the best dentist in Fairfax to treat gum disease and keep their teeth.

Although gum disease is often manageable, more serious forms of periodontal disease can cause the loss of teeth.

Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to help prevent gum disease, including:

  • Brushing your teeth properly
  • Flossing your teeth daily
  • Stopping smoking
  • Keeping up with your regular dental checkups

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Gum Disease

Plaque and tartar are the cause of gum disease. Plaque is a biofilm that adheres to your teeth, and consists of bacteria, food and food debris.

If plaque remains in contact with your teeth, it develops and hardens into tartar. Tartar can inflame your gums, a condition known as gingivitis. For this reason, you should see you best dentist in Fairfax as recommended.

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Three stages of gum disease

  • Gingivitis. This early stage of gum disease leads to gums that are red, tender and swollen. Your gums will easily bleed. Detected and treated early, gingivitis is reversible. See your best dentist in Fairfax soon to prevent further complications.
  • Moderate periodontitis. This involves increased levels of inflammation and bleeding around your teeth. Your body will be fighting this infection, causing gum tissue to break down and your gums to pull away from your teeth. Early bone loss may be evident.
  • Advanced periodontitis. Your gum pockets will deepen at this point, leading to the destruction of the bone that holds your teeth into place. The end stage of periodontitis is tooth loss.

Preventing Gum Disease

The best way to prevent gum disease is to properly brush your teeth so that your mouth and gums remain healthy. Visit your best dentist in Fairfax and follow the recommendations of the American Dental Association:

  • Brush at least twice daily
  • Replace your toothbrush every three months at a minimum
  • Use short strokes when brushing your teeth

Floss Your Teeth

Many people neglect flossing their teeth, but the American Dental Association recommends this oral habit to help protect gum health.

By flossing, you are removing food debris that can lodge between your teeth and around your gums. Otherwise, this can lead to the development of tartar – a known factor in the development of gum disease. Tartar can only be removed by your best dentist in Fairfax or a dental hygienist.

Regular Dental Checkups with Your Best Dentist In Fairfax

It is critical that you keep up with your regular dental checkups, including professional teeth cleaning.

This is the only way to remove tartar from your teeth and eliminate plaque that can be easily missed when brushing your teeth.

Regular dental exams gallows your best dentist in Fairfax the opportunity to identify the early symptoms of gum disease. Early intervention is alway recommended.

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