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Dental Fillings Fairfax

Dental restoration is essential to maintain your smile and prevent issues such as infection and tooth loss. For this reason, tooth decay should be treated as soon as possible. Left untreated, decay can worsen leading to pain, infection, and tooth loss. This is why dental exams are essential. They detect decay and other issues early on to avoid extensive dental work.

At Breeze Dental, we offer an array of restorative dental procedures and assist patients of all ages. Learn more about dental fillings below and contact us today.

What Are Dental Fillings?

In brief, dental fillings are used to restore decayed teeth. Patients can choose from amalgam and composite-resin fillings. The main difference between the two materials is that amalgam is silver, while composite-resin is tooth-colored. Patients often prefer composite-resin for cosmetic reasons. It is also important to note that amalgam often darkens with time.

How Does Tooth Decay Occur?

Tooth decay is often the result of poor dental hygiene and diet choices. For instance, not brushing or flossing your teeth as recommended leads to buildup of plaque. Overtime, teeth can begin to decay. Tobacco use, sugary and acidic foods damage the tooth enamel as well. 

Some patients may not be aware of tooth decay and assume their teeth are well. This is because not all patients feel pain or discomfort. For this reason, maintaining your dental check-ups is essential. Your dentist will uncover dental issues you may not have been aware of. He or she will also recommend your best course of action.

What Is The Procedure?

If your dentist supects decay, he or she may also ask for a dental x-ray. This will allow them to further understand the extent of the decay. Should a dental filling be recommended, the debris and decay are removed from the tooth. Then, the filling material, amalgam or composite-resin, is applied. A special light is then cast onto the filling to harden it.

How To Maintain Your Dental Filling

Maintaining your dental filling is very important. Any chipping or damage must be corrected right away to prevent bacteria from entering the tooth. We recommend brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing daily. Avoid sticky and hard to chew foods. In addition, maintain a well-balanced diet and visit the dentist as recommended.

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Breeze Dental offers an array of restorative dental treatments. Our team also has several years of experience assisting patients and their unique smiles. Learn more about dental fillings with a consultation. Call (703) 273-5545 or schedule an appointment online.

Protecting Your Smile With Preventive Dental Care

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Preventive Dental Care

Preventive dental care is your first line of defense against many oral health issues. That’s why Breeze Dental highly recommends maintaining routine dental exams and dental cleanings. In short, dental exams and cleanings detect issues early on while preventing new ones from occurring. Dental health issues like tooth decay, gum disease, infection, and tooth loss are common issues that many patients experience,

Learn about dental exams and dental cleanings today. Have questions? Breeze Dental would be delighted to assist. Contact us today!

What is a Dental Exam?

Routine dental exams are performed every 6 months to detect issues such as decay, periodontal disease, infection, tooth development, and tooth loss. For some patients, dental X-rays may be part of the visit to further understand the mouth structure and underlying issues. Your dentist will examine your teeth, gums, jaw, and overall mouth structure. He or she will also review the dental X-rays. Upon the findings, the dentist will discuss underlying issues, if applicable, and recommended treatments such as dental cleanings.

What is a Dental Cleaning?

A dental hygienist performs dental cleanings to thoroughly remove plaque and tartar from the teeth and gum line. During this procedure, the hygienist uses a small mirror, scaler, and powered toothbrush. In brief, the hygienist searches for plaque and tartar using the small mirror. Once detected, the scaler is used to gently remove it. Next, the powered toothbrush and gritty toothpaste are used to scrub your teeth for a clean and polished look. 

He or she will also advise you of areas in your mouth that need more tooth brushing and flossing. In addition, they will advise you on how to best brush and floss for your unique needs. This is a great opportunity to discuss dental care habits as your hygienist is very knowledgeable about caring for teeth and gums.

Additional Notes

Just like a dental exam, it is recommended that patients have dental cleanings every 6 months. This is the best way to prevent buildup which often leads to decay, periodontal disease, infection, and tooth loss. Also, some patients may be recommended to have more dental exams and cleanings based on their individual needs. For example, those more prone to decay or gingivitis are likely to be recommended for a dental exam and cleaning every 3 to 4 months.

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As mentioned, dental exams and cleanings are essential for preventing many oral health issues. These preventive dental treatments are recommended for patients of all ages. Learn more by contacting us today. 

Breeze Dental offers a variety of dental treatments to assist the entire family. Services include pediatric, general, and cosmetic dentistry. New patients are always welcome. Schedule your next appointment today!

Dentists | What is Restorative Dentistry?

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Numerous dental diseases affect the structural integrity, function, and appearance of the teeth. To achieve a perfect smile with healthy teeth, restorative dentistry is highly recommended. Learn more about restorative dentistry below. Contact Breeze Dental to learn more.

What does restorative dentistry entail?

Restorative dentistry focuses on the study, diagnosis, and treatment of dental diseases. Overall, the goal of restorative dentistry is to correct the structural and functionality of the teeth and adjacent dental structures, restoring the aesthetic appearance of the orthodontal tissues. In other words, restorative dentistry refers to the corrective or replacement procedures used to enhance your dental appearance and function.

Importance of restorative dentistry

The essence of restorative dentistry includes the following.

  • Restore the normal function of the affected dental structure that includes enabling easy and comfortable chewing and eating 
  • Restore and enhance the appearance of the affected oral tissue or structure
  • Enhance a beautiful, healthy smile
  • Promote dental hygiene and dental health
  • Filling up empty spaces in the mouth for proper alignment of the teeth

Restorative dentistry procedures

There are several types of restorative dentistry procedures; all focused on regaining normal appearance and function of the oral structures. The treatment procedures in restorative dentistry should and must be performed by a professional, skilled, and experienced dentist.

Tooth Replacement

Tooth replacement is one of the common restorative dentistry procedures. There are several forms of tooth replacement procedures and devices that include dentures, dental implants, and dental bridges. For instance, dentures act as a replacement for a missing set of teeth, either complete or partial. The dentures serve as removable prosthetic devices that have the appearance of the natural teeth.

Alternatively, dental implants are biocompatible tooth roots. They use dental crowns and abutments to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges act as bridges, reducing the gap between the teeth occasioned by a missing tooth or appearing naturally. The devices used in tooth replacement are strong structurally and have coloration and appearance of the natural tooth. Replacing a missing tooth or teeth helps to regain the normal function and appearance of the teeth.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps. Dentists recommend dental crowns in instances of misshaped teeth, extremely damaged and decayed teeth. The dental crowns, permanently fixed into position, help restore the structural integrity, strength, and functionality of the affected tooth.

Dental Fillings

Dentists recommend dental fillings to restore teeth suffering from decay. In brief, the filling is a specialized dental formula that covers up the spaces or holes in the teeth. Ultimately, restorative normal function and appearance of the affected tooth.

Dental Cleaning

In short, dental cleaning involves the professional removal of tartar and stains from the surface of the tooth. The cleaning ensures that the teeth regain their natural coloration and appearance.

Tips for taking care of restorative dentistry work

  • Observe proper oral hygiene measures like regular ad routine teeth brushing and flossing
  • Maintain routine dental checkups to assess the structural integrity and positioning of the installed dental prosthetics
  • Avoid harmful lifestyle habits like excessive alcohol intake and cigarette smoking that affects the prosthesis

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Dentists | Contact Breeze Dental to learn more about restorative dentistry. Call (703) 273-5545 or schedule an appointment online here. Our team looks forward to assisting you and your family.

Fairfax Dentists | What Causes Tooth Pain?

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Tooth pain is one of the most common dental conditions that affect many people. In fact, tooth pain is one of the most popular reasons why people rush to a Fairfax dentist. One unique factor about tooth pain is that it does not occur on its own. Often times, it is a result of a pre-existing dental condition or disease. 

Learn more about tooth pain below and contact our Fairfax dentists today!

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What Causes Tooth Pain?

Your Fairfax dentists will examine your smile to find the cause of your pain. More often than not, the following can result in tooth pain.

Jaw or mouth injury

facial injuries particularly closer to the mouth or jaw might be a significant cause of tooth pain. The injury to the mouth or jaw results in pain which can radiate to the teeth, causing a toothache. 

Sinus infection

sinus infection is also a common cause of tooth pain and sometimes a headache. The infection of the sinus results in pain which radiates to the jawbone, gums, and teeth

Tooth decay

extensive tooth decay is arguably the commonest cause of tooth pain. A decayed tooth that extends deep into the tooth structure that includes the pulp and root of the tooth results in significant severe pain that in most cases is unresponsive to regular pain medications. The only solution to such tooth pain is an urgent dental checkup, with the management sometimes leading to tooth extraction to get rid of the pain. Dental decay can affect one or several teeth, meaning that this type of tooth pain might be persistent and occurring at different levels. 

Teeth infection or abscess

A tooth infection or abscess usually present with persistent tooth pain. Dental abscesses are usually pockets of pus resulting from a bacterial infection. Dental abscesses require urgent medical attention to treat the condition which will eventually result in alleviating the pain

Gum disease

Any form of gum disease will also affect the structural integrity and functionality of the tooth. Many forms of gum diseases, like gingivitis and periodontitis present with inflammation which is essentially swelling, pain, and reddening of the gum line. The pain mostly radiates to the adjacent tooth, causing a toothache.

Retained or injury from food debris

the instances where food debris or particle is retained in between the teeth, it sometimes causes pain and discomfort. An injury from food debris like fish bones can also result in massive tooth pain.

Tooth injury

An injury to the teeth resulting from a fall or blow is a major cause of tooth pain. This type of injury might cause bleeding, results in loose tooth and also affects other oral structures

How Will My Fairfax Dentists Help?

  • History taking- the doctor will probe about the exact location of the tooth pain, the character of the pain and any other related factors
  • Dental examination and assessment- the doctor will examine the entire oral cavity, taking note of the region of the toothache. The assessment will also include examining the adjacent structures and tissues to the affected tooth. Examining the adjacent structures and tissues is vital in ruling out any other cause of the tooth pain
  • Radiological or laboratory investigation- depending on the presentation, the doctor might recommend dental x-ray and any other investigation to come up with the accurate diagnosis and best management plan
  • Treat the underlying cause- after establishing the underlying cause of the tooth pain, the doctor will manage the condition appropriately to alleviate the pain and discomfort

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Dentist Near Me: 5 Reasons to Choose CEREC Dental Crowns

Dentist Near Me

Dentist Near Me | Oftentimes, severely decayed and damaged teeth require an inlay, onlay, or crown. These forms of restoration protect your tooth from further damage. Fortunately, dental technology has advanced throughout the years. Patients can now choose from having there dental restoration completed in one day with CEREC.

But what does CEREC stand for? Well, that will depend on who you ask. Some professionals will tell you that it’s an abbreviation for CERamic REConstruction, while others will refer to it as the Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. Either way, CEREC has revolutionized the dental industry. 

Learn more about CEREC dental crowns below. Contact Breeze Dental, your dentist near me, today!

Why Should I Choose CEREC?

Tooth structure preservation 

Protecting a tooth’s structure is essential, especially for a weakened and damaged tooth. CEREC offers great quality to protect and preserve your tooth’s structure. Also, your dentist near me will assure the restoration matches your smile for the best results. 

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CEREC has streamlined the process of receiving an inlay, onlay, and dental crown. The dentist near me uses 3-D CAD technology to design a model of the restoration. Next, a milling machine constructs it with porcelain material. This process takes a few hours and most patients choose to wait in the lobby or visit a local cafe. Either way, the process is convenient considering that you’ll receive your permanent restoration the same day.


Traditional porcelain fitted over metal crowns often look fairly natural but they can never look the same as natural enamel. In addition, if you closely look at the gum line, you’ll be able to spot a band of exposed metal, which can significantly detract from the aesthetics. CEREC is entirely made of porcelain. For this reason, many patients prefer CEREC for quality and convenience.


Because CEREC is fabricated using porcelain, they are stain-resistant, strong, and durable. Also, CEREC restorations always fit exceptionally well. These restorations are known to last several years with proper care.

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CEREC is a great and modern technology for dental restorations. Learn more about CEREC by scheduling a consultation with Breeze Dental, your dentist near me. Our team of qualified professionals would be delighted to assist. In fact, we offer dental services designed for the entire family. Services include dental exams, cleanings, tooth-colored fillings, veneers, implants, dental crowns, Invisalign, and more.

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Dentist in Fairfax: What are Dental Exams and Cleanings?

Dentist in Fairfax

Dentist in Fairfax | Your teeth and gums have to be well taken care of, if you wish to remain healthy throughout the course of your life. In fact, according to various studies, no individual can maintain good oral health status, if he or she does not regularly maintain dental cleanings and exams. 

These procedures are routine and preventive to avoid issues such as decay, periodontal disease, and tooth loss. Most patients are recommended to maintain these appointments twice a year. However, some may need more frequent visits. 

Learn more about dental exams and cleanings below. Contact us, your dentist in Fairfax, today!

What normally takes place during a dental exam?

Dental X-ray Scans

Issues like cysts, deteriorated bones, and decay are detected with the help of an x-ray scanner. Your dentist in Fairfax also uses these machines to trace tooth root issues or track teeth movement. Not all patients will need dental X-rays. If new to our office, contact us to learn more.

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Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Decay and gum disease are common dental health issues. Therefore, your dentist in Fairfax will check for them. If found, treatment options will be discussed. 

Dental Restorations 

Patients with dental fillings, crowns, implants, bridges, and dentures will have these restorations examined. Your dentist in Fairfax will assure that no damage is present. Also, he or she may ask questions to assure there aren’t any issues with them.

Oral Cancer Screening

Early detection is the best treatment technique for oral cancer. Therefore, your dentist in Fairfax will screen for oral cancer.

Perks of professional dental cleaning 

Professional dental cleanings are often performed by a dental hygienist. He or she has been trained and educated on how to safely and effectively remove plaque and tartar. Dental cleanings reduce the risk of infections and diseases. The process consists of the following.

Plaque and Tartar Removal

Plaque is a sticky bacterial film. Left untreated, it hardens into tartar. Normal brushing and flossing remove plaque. However, the buildup is likely to occur in hard to reach areas or if brushing and flossing are not properly. Fortunately, your hygienist will remove the buildup during this procedure.

Dental Polishing

Lastly, your teeth are polished using a powered brush and gritty toothpaste. This removes leftover plaque and debris. It also helps remove surface stains.

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Your dental health is important. for this reason, maintaining dental exams and cleanings are essential. Contact Breeze Dental, your dentist in Fairfax, today! We offer an array of dental procedures to assist the entire family. In fact, our services include general, pediatric, and cosmetic dentistry. 

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Invisalign Dentist: Why You Should Seek a Professional Invisalign Dentist

Invisalign Dentist

Invisalign Dentist | Seeking out the opinion and services of experts and professionals in any field is the ultimate goal of anyone in utter need. Likewise, the top-notch services are guaranteed. Dentistry, just like any other career, has people who have specialized in particular branches of this broad and noble profession. One of the most sought after professional dentists in the current market field is Invisalign dentist.

Learn more about choosing an Invisalign Dentist below and contact Breeze Dental today.

What is Invisalign?

In short, Invisalign is a set of clear aligners that adjust the alignment of the teeth. The near-invisible aligners come with a lot of benefits to the user as compared to the traditional metal braces. 

Traditionally, and what has been in use for ages now in teeth realignment are the metallic dental braces. The metal braces come with a lot of challenges, and many people are currently shying away from this age-old practice. The search for a more advanced, better outcome-oriented, and a better appearance when in use saw the emergence of the near-invisible Invisalign. 

As compared to the more evident and visible metallic braces, it is almost impossible to detect the presence of Invisalign once in place by an Invisalign dentist. Invisalign being transparent has helped the users maintain a level of self-confidence when talking in front of others, which is sometimes a challenge in people using the traditional metal braces. Invisalign is also less bulky and more cumbersome compared to the metallic braces.

Invisalign dentist patient with aligner

Who is an Invisalign Dentist?

An Invisalign dentist specializes in realigning teeth without the use of the traditional metal braces. The vast experience and knowledge in this field of orthodontal treatment give the dentist an upper hand in the management of cases involving misaligned teeth, helping the affected person get a perfect set of teeth to improve on their smile and general outlook. 

Benefits of Seeking the Services of an Invisalign Dentist

This feature highlights the numerous benefits accrued by seeking out the services of a professional dentist. 

Professional, skilled, and experienced assistance

A professional Invisalign dentist has vast knowledge and skills in the field of orthodontal treatment. The Invisalign dentist has handled numerous similar cases in the past, giving him insight and top-notch unrivaled skills as compared to the general dentist. 

With the extensive knowledge and skills, the dentist ensures that the client gets the best services with the results reflecting on the outcome. Seeking the services of a professional dentist gives you confidence and a guarantee of better services, helping you achieve your goal towards proper oral hygiene and a more beautiful smile.

Advice and information

The professional, skilled, and experienced Invisalign dentist has massive information in regards to handling orthodontal related treatment. The Invisalign dentist will share such information and knowledge with their clients on the best practices of minimizing teeth misalignment. 

The dentist will share the best approaches in maintaining the Invisalign. In addition, the client will get advice and help in maintaining proper oral hygiene and oral health practices.

Better treatment outcome

The Invisalign dentist will offer you a guide on proper management and handling of the installed device for a better outcome. In other words, your journey begins with seeking out the services of a professional.

Quicker results

Invisalign is installed for about 6 to 18 months. Getting the services of a professional dentist and adequately adhering to the instructions and laid out guidelines provided guarantees even faster teeth straightening outcome. Overall, the goal of any treatment is the outcome of a faster and better result.

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Fairfax Family Dentist: 5 Reasons to Choose a Local Family Dentist

Fairfax Family Dentist

Fairfax Family Dentist | One of the essential ways of taking care of our health is ensuring that you get regular dental checkups to assess, manage, and prevent any disease or prevailing condition. The need for regular dental visits by a Fairfax Family Dentist is to promote proper dental hygiene. In addition, it is recommended to visit a Fairfax Family Dentist at least twice a year. Learn more below and contact our Fairfax Family Dentist today!

Why a Choose Fairfax Family Dentist

Each dental clinic has different doctors specialized in handling dental related issues. Getting yourself acquainted with a local family dentist to be available not only when in need but on scheduled dental appointments comes with numerous benefits, not only to you but also to your dentist. Apart from getting your detailed dental history, the family dentist will also be able to come up with the best management to fix your dental problem. The Fairfax family dentist will also be able to attend to your entire family under one roof, and if possible, on the same day. Fairfax Family Dentist has customized packages for its patients, giving precedence to extreme and professional dental services, suiting your needs and demands.

Fairfax family dentist with family

Benefits of a Fairfax Family Dentist

Keeping a record of your family dental history

Some dental diseases and conditions run in the family, repeating themselves from generation to generation. It is vital to take note of pre-existing family-related genetic dental issues to know the best possible management. Your Fairfax family dentist will keep track of all your family dental problems, advise on the prevention and control of any issues in existence. It is essential to get yourself and your family a local family dentist to keep in check any genetic predisposition to dental conditions, get the possible prevention method, and best management outcomes.

Developing a personal and trusting relationship

Having yourself and family a local family doctor ensures that you cultivate a long-lasting trust and friendship with your doctor. Our family dentist allows you to establish a lifelong commitment and rapport that will translate in a more customize dental services, understanding, and better management of any dental condition as and when they emerge. The eventual goal of establishing a connection with your local family dentist is developing trust, which goes a long way in better expression, confidence, and improves the overall outcome of any prevailing dental condition.

Availability and convenience

Arranging with our family dentist ensures that you get personalized attention when in dire need. Getting a family dentist saves you the time of taking your family members to different dentists. A family dentist gives you the freedom to plan your appointments when all your family members are available. You get to save yourself a lot of time, money, and effort. 

A complete dental checkup

With every appointment, your family is guaranteed a thorough, all-round dental checkup when you visit our Fairfax family Dentist. Our family dentist has extensive experience and knowledge in handling dental related ailments. Our dentist will ensure that all your family’s dental issues are addressed under one roof. The all-round dental assessment for your entire family on the same day will save you time.

Education, advice, and updates

Our Fairfax family dentist has vast knowledge and experience in the assessment, detention, and management of family-related dental problems. In addition, we will provide you with education and advice on maintaining proper oral hygiene. Our dentists will also offer you lessons on how to avoid preventable dental illnesses. 

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Overall, our Fairfax Family Dentist values the importance of a family, which drives us to put measures in ensuring that you get the best services as a family. In addition, our team strives to build long-lasting relationships. Contact Breeze Dental Care to schedule your next appointment. Call us at (703) 273-5545 or book an appointment online.  

Emergency Dentist: What is a Dental Emergency?

Emergency Dentist Fairfax VA

Whenever you are faced with any dental problem outside normal working hours, you’ll need an emergency dentist. But how will you know whether the problem is a normal dental problem that can wait or it is an emergency issue that needs to be dealt with immediately? You are faced with a dental emergency if you have any of these symptoms:

  • Bleeding of the mouth 
  • Severe dental or gum pain
  • Have a loose tooth (or loose teeth)
  • Someone or something has hit you hard in the face, particularly the mouth and you are in great pain
  • You have swelling in your facial area, particularly around or in the mouth
  • Gum bleeding or swelling

Generally, any dental problem is regarded as an emergency if it needs immediate action to save your tooth, relieve strong pain, or stop bleeding. Severe infections are also emergency cases if they are life-threatening. 

Some cases may be mistaken as emergency cases but they aren’t. For example, if a problem can wait for a few days before your dentist sees you, then it isn’t an emergency case. There are also some dental problems you can take care of at home and may not necessitate seeing a dentist.  

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What is Considered a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency needs immediate attention from an emergency dentist. This is because when left unattended, they may lead to bigger problems. For example, a dental infection can be fatal if not treated forthwith. Some of the common dental emergencies include:   

Severe Toothache

A toothache can be as a result of exposed roots, tooth abscess, tooth decay, infected gums, or another reason. A toothache is considered an emergency only if the pain is unbearable. 

When you have a toothache, use warm water to clean your mouth. You can then place an ice pack or a cold piece of cloth on the cheek with the painful jaw and let it stay there for about 20 minutes. This will help alleviate the pain. You can also use some recommended painkillers. 

While doing this, you should be on your way to your emergency dentist’s office. Do not put any medication directly on your gum as this may lead to the inflammation of the gum and cause you more problems. 

A Loose or Damaged Crown or Filling 

Crowns or fillings can last for several years but eventually, they will wear out and can fall off. When this happens, you need to treat it as an emergency issue and see your dentist as soon as possible. The falling off of the crown or filling could mean there are other problems like cavities forming in your teeth. 

Secondly, if your crown or filling has fallen off, your tooth will become very sensitive to temperature variations and it may begin to deteriorate. In case you are faced with this problem, clean your mouth immediately using warm water then use clean cotton wool to fill those cavities before heading to your dentist’s office. 

Breaking or Chipping a Tooth

Breaking of chipping of your tooth is a very serious dental emergency. It usually happens when your tooth is hit hard by an object. 

When your tooth gets broken or chipped, try to save it as soon as possible. Leaving it to stay longer may lead to further complications including infections. 

Visit your emergency dentist as soon as possible to have your tooth checked. If the tooth can’t be saved, your dentist can recommend implants or dental bridges.  

Broken Jaw

A broken jaw is another case that needs urgent attention. Even though your jaw can get broken without your teeth being affected, a broken jaw may lead to difficulty in breathing and eating and this may harm your health. 

The broken jaw itself and the surrounding area can become very painful and if there’s an open wound, an infection may take place. That’s why when faced with this problem, you need to call or see your emergency dentist immediately. 

Oral Infection

Some oral infections can be regarded as emergencies. Infections like gingivitis or cold sores require medical attention but they are not emergencies. 

If you notice a swelling in your mouth or around the jawline and some difficulty in swallowing or breathing, then you need to see your emergency dentist right away. 

Infections are dangerous because they can spread to other parts of the body. Some also lead to severe pain that can interfere with your sleep. Try to contact your dentist the moment you notice any signs of dental infection.

Knocked-Out Tooth

When your tooth gets knocked and falls off, you’ll have to act fast to save it. Put the tooth into a closed container with salty water or milk then rush with it to your dentist. Your tooth may be saved if you can do this within an hour. Beyond that, you may need an implant. A knocked-out tooth is also accompanied by bleeding and lots of pain. All these require immediate attention. 

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Perfecting Your Smile with a Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic Dentist Fairfax VA

The popularity of cosmetic dentistry has dramatically increased in the past few decades. This is because many people have become more sensitive about their looks, particularly their smiles.

A perfect smile is very important for your day-to-day interactions. For example, a great smile can help you feel confident at work and during presentations.

If you feel like your smile isn’t as perfect as it should be, then request a consultation with a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentistry uses modern techniques and tools to improve your smile.

Here are the top 8 procedures a cosmetic dentist can use to improve your smile.

Dental Bridges

If you are missing some teeth, you can never have a perfect smile. Bridges can restore your confidence by using artificial teeth to replace your missing teeth. Bridges are usually made of porcelain, alloys, or gold. 

In short, bridges are anchored onto the existing teeth after being prepared for crowns. So, you have to maintain good oral hygiene for your existing teeth to remain healthy to support the bridges. Fixed bridges can only be removed by a cosmetic dentist.

cosmetic dentist with patient

Dental Implants

Implants are made of titanium metal and are used to replace missing teeth. The procedure is quite expensive and involving but once completed, your attractive smile will be restored. 

Just like bridges, implants also anchor on the adjacent existing teeth and are implanted surgically into your jawbone. These implants can work even if you’ve lost several teeth. In case you are missing a jawbone as a result of periodontal disease, your dentist will have to graft a bone where the implants can be secured to. 

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns restore the natural appearance, shape, size, strength, durability, and functionality of a tooth. Crowns are necessary to:

  • Protect weak teeth
  • Cover discolored or misshapen teeth
  • Cover teeth after root canal process
  • Restore worn out or broken teeth
  • Cover dental implants
  • Hold dental bridges in position

Crowns are usually made from ceramic materials, porcelain, or metal. Your cosmetic dentist will only recommend crowns when other procedures can’t produce the desired results. This is because crowns are a bit costly compared to other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Crowns can last for several years, provided they are cared for well.  

Dental Bonding

Bonding is necessary if there are excess spaces between your teeth or if your teeth are cracked, stained, broken, or chipped. Your dentist will use bonding material to fill the cavities in your teeth and for protecting the roots of your teeth in case they are exposed.  

This is a one-off procedure in which the cosmetic dentist will apply an etching chemical to your teeth followed by the application of composite resins on the surface of your teeth. Even though the bonding material lasts long, it will eventually get stained or chipped and may need to be replaced.  

Dental Veneers

Veneers are usually made of plastic or porcelain. They are custom-made shells that a dentist can use to change the shape and/or color of your teeth by covering their front sides. Veneers provide better smiles and are more durable than bonding. Veneers are used when:

  • There are spaces between your teeth
  • Your teeth have become worn out or chipped
  • Your teeth are crooked or poorly shaped 

The cosmetic dentist will clean your teeth before the veneer is cemented in place. Since porcelain veneers are laboratory-made, the impression of your teeth will have to be taken during your first visit then the veneers will be inserted in your second visit.

Teeth Whitening

Over time, your teeth can get discolored or stained, especially if you like consuming beverages like tea or coffee. Smoking and the use of some drugs can also discolor your teeth. With discolored or stained teeth, your smile won’t be stellar. 

Your cosmetic dentist can bleach your teeth to return them to their original white color. The procedure can be carried out in the office or you can be provided with all the materials you need so you can do it at home. 

Contouring and Shaping the Enamel 

Contouring and shaping of the enamel can be combined with bonding. This procedure involves the contouring or removal of dental enamel. It makes the teeth more attractive for a perfect smile. In addition,  if you have some bite problems, or if your teeth are irregular or chipped. It also works well with overlapping or crooked teeth. 


Braces work wonder when it comes to improving your smile. If your teeth are crowded or crooked, your dentist can use braces to straighten them up. Braces can also be used to correctly position your jaws and to eliminate disorders in your jaw joints. 

The pressure from the braces is what re-positions your teeth, so you’ll need to wear them for some months for better results. You will need to visit your dentist regularly to tighten them because they usually become a little lose as your teeth straighten up.  

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