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Your smile is a part of your face that most people notice first. Even if you have beautiful eyes, it is your smile that makes that first impression for you. That is why most people will do whatever it takes to get a smile that radiates beauty. The truth is, there are very few people who are born with those picture-perfect smiles, you see. More often than not, they are all thanks to cosmetic dental work such as dental veneers.

Dental veneers are a simple procedure that improves a tooth’s size, shape, and color. These thin porcelain shells correct a number of dental concerns. Learn more about veneers below and contact us today.

Close Gaps and Hide Imperfections

If you have misshapen teeth or gaps, then you may have spent a lot of time trying to hide them with closed smiles. That is why you need veneers. These hide imperfections and make your teeth look even better. You will be able to smile even wide. These shells are thin and are designed to fit your teeth perfectly, thus meeting your cosmetic needs. They are made of colors that closely resemble the natural color of teeth making yours look flawless. They are also made in such a way that they can replace one or several teeth. For that durable hold, dentists will use special glue and curing light.

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They Make Your Smiles Brighter and Whiter

While most people only need whitening agents to get their teeth white, not everyone reacts differently to these whitening agents. If you have extreme stains, medication and fluoride may do more harm than good, especially if you were introduced to these agents at a young age. Veneers will cover up stains and improve the general look of your teeth, giving you a brighter smile.

Straightens Without Orthodontics

If you are too old for braces or feel that they might not be the right straightening method for you, veneers are exactly what you need. They will reshape your smile and make your teeth appear more aligned. Remember that this cosmetic treatment will work on minor misalignments. Depending on your situation, you may need orthodontic treatment instead.

The Results Are Quicker

With orthodontic treatment, you will have to wait for months and sometimes years to get the results you are hoping for. With veneers, all you need are two visits for a perfect smile.

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Overall, your oral health is important to us. We also believe that every patient should know their options for treatment should they consider cosmetic dental work. Our dentists are highly experienced and offer consultations to help patients understand their oral health and recommended treatments. Let us know if you are interested in cosmetic dental procedures. We would be happy to evaluate your smile and recommend treatments that benefit your goal. New and existing patients may call Breeze Dental at (703) 273-5545 or book an appointment online. We are located at 3545 Chain Bridge Rd Ste# 105 Fairfax, Virginia 22030.

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It all starts from giving us a free phone call for a thoughtful consultation, when the details of how everything is done are provided. This is something that everyone can do at any time as our specialist will provide professional answers for all of your questions and queries. This is all due to the fact that patient education plays a significant role in cosmetic dentistry.

Our services include different packages and flexible price plans for everyone. No matter whether it will be just you, or your whole family, including children, our clinic is able to provide the package that will satisfy the customers’ needs. The general information on our website can give you the rough idea of the policies, our professional team, dentist technologies that are used, as well as ensure, that you can book the services online at any time you want. Clients who already visited our dental clinic in VA also left the feedbacks on the website, so that their opinion can be taken into account.

Our staff is also capable of making verifications of the benefits, which are provided by your insurance company. We will contact the insurance provider in order to find the details of the cover and whether assignment of such benefits can be benefited whilst using our services. Please, find more information on the website or give us a free call at any time you wish!

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